2012, a big one!

A year that had passed, was groundbreaking,  full of changes and surprises (relatively positive).

First, I decided to continue my adventure in Poland and after spending some time on thinking and realizing what i would like to do with my life, it became clear –  change of location is necessary!
I needed a change of scenery to have some time to process my decision. I went on a short-term trip to Prague and  it helped me to clear my head and after my return, I  carried on with my ambitions to do something important and big in my life.
So I moved from Lublin to Warsaw, a mighty capital! I packed my back, where I had the most needed clothes, couple of books and  with only 2 people I knew, willingly took risk  in a hope for the new adventures! And trust me, I had a lot of those!
Just to be brief:

  • I attended the most gorgeous and amazing wedding of my good and happily married, already with a kid, couple!
  • I had several jobs, where i realized, how flexible, honest and sometimes cruel but definitely not naive you need to be!
  • I  have met the best people, people who are dear, important, easy to stay in touch with and talk. They are truly all different, but are loved by me with all of my heart. And they will be important and remembered always, no matter where i will be!
  • Nevertheless, I’ve also lost some of my best friends.  (Impossible,  to be always that kind of  understanding and forgiving  for everything human being! You can’t always afraid of consequences, that will show up anyway and definitely in unexpected and unfitting moments. And sometimes you need to stand for yourself, even if it means to lose someone, you think is important in your life).
  • For the third time i travelled to Spain. This time I decided to start my trip with Barcelona and finish it in always loved and favourite Madrid. I had my ups and downs, but gained some painful though memorable  experience, especially concerning human behaviour and the way particular individuals approach themselves.
  • And best of all achievements, is probably, that got in to MA program at the University of Warsaw! I have never been  that satisfied with my classes!Yes,  sometimes it’s boring or contains too much of unneeded information, but in general it’s a fantastic course and will provide me with important knowledge on the issues i would like to continue to work on, after my graduation in a next year (preferably somewhere in almighty US of A)
  • Took a part in some brilliant and interesting volunteering projects.
  • Experienced EuroCup12 in Warsaw, attended 2 games at a National Stadium.
  •  Had a pleasure to see some good old friends.
  • My Mom paid me a visit in my new town.
  • Lived with some cool american people (and yes it is big, huge even).

This year was tough. Physically and emotionally. I was moving a lot around  the city, experienced some weird places and people and changed a little .

I gained more confidence, well at least I hope I did!

But also I feel more like at home and at least for now, I am definitely in a right place.

Live a life you can be satisfied with