One way to live a happy life…changes are welcome

Picture shot in Marsala,Sicily in November 2013.

Picture shot in Marsala,Sicily in November 2013.


Be brave.  No one is going to make you socialize except yourself. You’re in a new environment, and from this moment it is only your responsibility how social your life can be.  First thing i’ve done, moving into different citiy, started attending Couchsurfing meetings. ( – hospitality social network for travelers. The network is huge, people are very nice and assistive ). It’s one of the way to create new  connections.  Indeed people are helpful, but they can’t read your mind, so in order for them to know about their necessity,  you gotta communicate with folks and If you avoid and won’t pay much attention to  ignorants, you will we awarded ( a song to cheer you up(

Waste your time. Don’t be in a hurry to catch only some moments, when you’re  already living an adventure.A very important lesson, my friend taught me and it changed my life and showed wider perspective: you need to calm down inside your mind. Stop chasing everything, you’re creating mess around you and it could be a bad influence on your way of living. The idea behind that is not about being lazy, but stop giving a damn towards specific aspects/people in your life, that only make your mind and soul messy and reckless.

I call it having fucking individualism and perspective extracted from   personal experience.

Don’t waste your time. Don’t listen to other people. If there’s something you crave to experience and you won’t kill yourself in a process (at least you think you won’t) then go for it. Regret is a shitty feeling and can eat you for some time. But, please, know your limits.

Be honest and listen.  In order to get to know the individual, there are rules of interaction. Meaning if the person is interested probably it is true. It can start from politeness and you can bore some of them to death about how great your life are and how pathetic life they created. But you gotta start somewhere and i when you find people as crazy as you are, hallelujah, you’re saved.

Go out. Have fun, meet with other human beings, drink( reasonable or not that’s your choice) and stop worrying about other people opinions. It is impossible to knock you off your feet, if you know yourself, your limits and capabilities.

Read (books,magazines, comics, stuff online). Be in touch with the world. It is not about the knowledge of which Canadian hockey team has won the championship or how many missiles can destroy our world(maybe you should know that). Information is power, information is smart, information is sexy. Being aware of stuff going on in the world, can  be a good start for a conversation (i’m not saying you should start randomly talking to stranger about the end of the world, you can sound as a creep).

Mistakes are unavoidable. Perfection is boring, unacceptable and complete bullshit. Mistakes are like manna from heaven, even if we don’t want to accept it. It changes us, makes more reasonable and with a clear-headed vision. Create a certain distance towards your ego .It will help you to  laugh at yourself, your good and bad parts. Its one way to prevent you from becoming a egoistic schmuck(be grateful for the air you breathe and piece of bread in your mouth). Find the confidence you lost in the sea of pathetic emootions and people that surround you and never second-guess yourself

Be cool