Furious Ukrainians. Peaceful protests. Gandhian restraint.

Protests in Kiev on December 11,2013. Internal special forces vs The People. We won!

Revolution in Ukraine, meanwhile Uruguay becomes first nation to legalize marijuana trade (Reuters), Nelson Mandela has deceased and i have found out that i will spend my summer in US.

These are very subjective notes. I’ve been up all night last night keeping an eye on what is happening in Kiev via Internet in Warsaw, i am constantly updated with all the information through Ukrainian and International media and friends stationing now in Kiev.

Here’s why Ukraine  freaking out. A short explanation to my fellow international friends

We’re in a deep trouble. Economic, political and social trouble. The ruling party “Partia Regioniv” and the president Viktor Yanukovych, by playing political games, stealing millions of taxpayers hryvnias (Ukrainian Currency) are destroying the country’s well-being.

Here’s an information on Yanukovych assets http://www.scribd.com/doc/190875819/Corrupt-Assets-of-Viktor-Yanukovych.

A lot of smaller and bigger events happened in Kiev,that should be included, but i’ll be brief and highlight the most influencing moments of a 3 weeks peaceful protests.

On November 21, 2013 president was expected to straighten economical relations with European Union at the last-minute negotiations  with EU Leaders in Vilnius. Didn’t happen, Yanukovych either was too scared of Putin or to unhappy with how not enough money will be given to Ukraine from European Union in future, or whatever  reasons he had on his mind!

Let’s not fool ourselves, the pressure form Russia and it’s president is enormous. Cheaper gas and Economic Trade Union were the main reasons for Yanukovich not to sign economical agreements with EU. NO deals with Russia has been struck either, for now!

Ukrainian people, especially students got genuinely upset and despite cold weather gathered in Kiev, on Independence Square and other major cities, to show the objection towards this decision. All over Ukraine joined by worldwide diaspora started to show their support by creating #EuroMaidans (peaceful gatherings in order to show the support for Pro-European Ukraine)

November 29, at 4 am, couple hundred of protesters located on the Independence Square were brutally beat up by hundreds of internal forces soldiers. The blood was spilled. And more people showed up in the next few days. (approx. 300-500 000 depends on the source) to protest against violence and dismissal of current government and the president.

For almost two weeks peaceful protesters were blocking the entrance to Independence Square.

On December 10, Catherine Ashton, the foreign policy chief of the European Union, and Victoria Nuland, a U.S. assistant secretary of state were present in Ukraine. Catherine Ashton had a diplomatic meeting with the president, and also round table with three ex-presidents and Yanokovych was held. A lot of nice words and promises were said by president. Nevertheless on November 11, 1 a.m Police, and Internal Forces “Berkut”  were trying to clean up the area surrounding the Independence Square in order to put an ice-rink (imagine that)!

There was a moment, i feared for the people on #EuroMaidan, thousands of “Berkut” and police were standing face to face with those peaceful protesters.

Call me sentimental, but after last night, when thousands of people stood up for their freedom against an army, i believed that changes are possible! It will be painful and will take some time, but a lot of us are willing to fight for our future.

Social networks, such as Facebook and twitter played a crucial role in order to inform and create a certain awareness to the people of Ukraine and world on what is happening in  Kiev. More about that you can read in the article posted by Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/monkey-cage/wp/2013/12/04/strategic-use-of-feacebook-and-twitter-in-ukrainian-protests/

What’s next?:

Opposition should provide some kind of plan for future actions and people who are willing to do that? Dismissal of President and Parliament?Sanctions from EU and US towards corrupted politicians We’ll see how that goes.

It is all very simple. The young generation is rising and this generation is fed up with politics done by current government. No jobs, no life perspectives, no opportunities, so what did you expect, Mr. President?

Glory to Ukraine