My time in America. First 10 weeks. Camp experience

When you work hard and try to be humane towards your peers – sometimes it is just not worth it, your peers are IDIOTS!

Long story short: I got a summer job in a camp as a kitchen staff! I enjoyed the camp itself, whereas people/few supervisors in a group I worked with, were mostly dishonest, disrespectful and full of shit. The job was physically hard (never had problem with that) and I ended up in a hospital (it’s complicated and also easy, since unfortunately things don’t work well without a support from your co-workers)!

I got disrespected on a multiple occasions and at the end there was neither tears, nor happy ending!

I made a few friends! Good friends, who supported me and taught me patience and love.

When people were asking, during those first 10 weeks, about my experience in US, there was nothing much to tell. Except few trips outside the perimeter, camp was situated in a “foresty” area with the closest city of 30 minutes away. That period should be considered as a work, no “American experience” included, just international staff, doing their jobs (well, not all of them) on their way to American adventure afterwards!

I will teach you a very important lesson, i realized, after 10 weeks of intense physical work,with the same ordinary people I was required to spend at least 8 hours day by day in a diverse social community. Now listen to me, you cannot be nice to somebody you never actually honestly liked, while they make you (or you make yourself, because you do have a lot of plans afterwards!) work with those people almost every day for 2,5 months!

You simply go through emotional stages:

from trying to be nice, because, hey, you have to encounter with those individuals on a daily basis and bare with their little beautiful faces, because that is what my grandma taught me to do (and she is a smart lady) – behave admirably;

comes the notion when you’re actually done with being an agreeable person, since the only thing those people do is talk about you, spread gossips and talk and talk and talk even more. I don’t blame them (maybe I was a little, not anymore)! There was not much distraction provided for their tiny bird brains (in this case it’s not a compliment, believe me!) ;                                                        The oldest and most natural notion of sharing information, revealed itself in a full form and since the truth apparently/usually is not that entertaining,why not create a circus full of dull clowns and freak shows!;

to acting as a neutral part at the end, whilst realizing, there is no control over the boredom of mind, stupidity and narrow mindedness and eventually instigating no wish to be a part of that group of people whatsoever!

I’m over it! I made it through! With a proud idea of been just a little different!

To all of you, who made my experience unforgettably sad, full of negative emotions and experiences, day by day using gossip as a defense mechanism and to make yourself feel better for your lack of wisdom and morality – Thank you!

Now I’m stronger, I can move on and be better!

To a few, that made time go by faster and filled it with joy and happiness – you made my existence bearable and your support was outstanding and educational!

Alright, let’s start traveling…