# Found On The Streets Of Warsaw

I’m back to the most amazing city in Poland!

My Warsaw is full of small surprises and every day moments!

This is me being generous  and sharing those beautiful moments with you!

This post will be continously updated!

I hope you will find enjoyment in it, just much as i do!


October, 1

Warsaw greeted me with a beautiful and warm weather! You have to appreciate every second of that,warm autumn doesn’t stay for too long! It brings you joy and happiness for a few short but brilliant moments!  Also I just came back from Miami, over a week before my return( guess how hot it was there?!). Warsaw is good!


Same day, on my way to the bank, I’ve encountered this beautiful piece of foolishness! I am a proud cider drinker!





I noticed this unlikely Warsaw superhero, on Aleje Jerozolimskie, near Swietokrzyska street! This hero was hidden, but visible to me! He became a very important part of my adventure that day!



October 6th

Warsaw keeps on giving us blessings, full of sunshines and warmth! Park Krolikarnia is not at the downtown area, but worth spending a day there,walking down the isles while observing the nature! It a family park, with children running around, riding bikes and mopeds, while their parents sit on the grass craving for late Warsaw sun tan!


October 10

Mokotow! Oh,how beautiful you are!IMG_20141012_232353






October 13,

Let’s just take a moment and appreciate not only ,how beautiful Warsaw in the autumn is ,but also friends,who appear to be blessing in our lives!