# Found On The Streets Of Warsaw

I’m back to the most amazing city in Poland! My Warsaw is full of small surprises and every day moments! This is me being generous  and sharing those beautiful moments with you! This post… Continue reading

My time in America. First 10 weeks. Camp experience

When you work hard and try to be humane towards your peers – sometimes it is just not worth it, your peers are IDIOTS! Long story short: I got a summer job in… Continue reading

“NAMES OF FRIENDS” by Sylvia Gozdek

Brilliantly talented and extremely hilarious short story about real life complicated relationships and people full of energy. Written by an incredible writer and superhuman Sylvia Gozdek. NAMES OF FRIENDS Enjoy

New article on Ukraine

They posted my article regarding the situation in Ukraine . Exciting news. Check it out!  

5 days in Paris (including survival tips); and concerts.

Incredible week in Paris started as a horror story, with a positive follow up, gratified closure and plenty of interesting memories. I had to visit Paris. I’ve been near this city several times,… Continue reading

Drawcorps/Drawcore. Amercian artists flooding Poland

I have to mention this amazing thing i’ve been a part of for the past several years. This International Art Initiative is all about creativity, beautiful people/artists and searching/ developing your talents in… Continue reading

“Continent Warsaw” posted my article on revolution in Ukraine.

Check out my feuilleton posted by polish multicultural foundation “Continent Warsaw”. I mainly concentrated on the events that happened before peaceful protests turned into bloody ones. It’s not genius, but you gotta start… Continue reading

Furious Ukrainians. Peaceful protests. Gandhian restraint.

Revolution in Ukraine, meanwhile Uruguay becomes first nation to legalize marijuana trade (Reuters), Nelson Mandela has deceased and i have found out that i will spend my summer in US. These are very… Continue reading

One way to live a happy life…changes are welcome

Picture shot in Marsala,Sicily in November 2013. Tips: Be brave.  No one is going to make you socialize except yourself. You’re in a new environment, and from this moment it is only your responsibility… Continue reading

2012, a big one!

A year that had passed, was groundbreaking,  full of changes and surprises (relatively positive). First, I decided to continue my adventure in Poland and after spending some time on thinking and realizing what… Continue reading